We help founders raise capital.

Fundme's mission is to make fundraising faster and easier. Find the right investors, get intros, and perfect your pitch. We help you raise so that you can focus on your business.

Raise capital faster and easier

We’re on a mission to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals by democratizing access to capital. Founders can raise the funds you need for your business using FundMe. FundMe works in all verticals, including real estate, software, AI, and more.
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FundMe is SEC Registered

Compliant Offerings

FundMe is registered with FINRA and the SEC and helps companies raise capital online using the new JOBS Act regulations including Reg. CF, D, and A+.

Powerful Features

We make it easy

We make investing easy with our one-page investing process. And our investor dashboards make understanding your investments straight forward.

Assisted Fundraising

We can help you perfect your pitch deck, target qualified investors, and then make introductions to our partner VC funds.

Raise up to $5M using Reg. CF, $75M with Reg A+, or more with Reg D.

This website is used by two different companies: Fundme.com, Inc., which we refer to as “Fundme,” and Diversified Funding, Inc., which we refer to as “Diversified”. Fundme, an SEC registered funding portal, provides offerings under Regulation Crowdfunding or “Reg. CF” for up to $5M. Diversified provides offerings under Regulation D to accredited investors only, and Regulation A+ offerings to both accredited and non-accredited investors, for up to $75M.