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Benefits of working with FundMe:​

integrated MARKETING

Integrate your Google analytics and other marketing apps. Track affiliates and referral sources with sub-id's, and more.

FULL Launch Support

We can help you get launched in less than 30 days in most cases. We provide phone support and have an extensive knowledgebase for help 24/7.


NEW! Now you can accept credit cards, wires, and ACH payments.

Legal Support

We offer Form-ID and Form C filing support and can refer you to qualified securities attorneys if needed.


We offer the lowest fees in the industry and can waive most fees for qualified companies. Contact us for terms and conditions.


We know the value of equity, so we don't ask for yours like the ther companies.

Choose the best offering type for your needs:

Reg D

No maximum raise limit

Reg. D offerings by Diversified Funding, Inc.​

Reg A+

Raise up to $75M

Reg. D offerings by Diversified Funding, Inc.​

Reg CF

Raise up to $5M

Reg, CF offerings by, Inc.

Raising Capital with FundMe
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Raise for traditional equity, future equity, debt, and revenue participation rights.

Security Tokens

STO's and token sales, crypto payments, whitelisting, and much more.


Debt offerings and reporting.