The Purpose of Form C

The Form C is an offering statement submitted by businesses looking to elevate funding from certified as well as non-accredited investors via online crowdfunding without every one of the duties that feature signing up the deal as well as sale of securities with the SEC. Crowdfunding is a technique of raising money by soliciting investment from a large number […]

What Issuers Need to Know Before Filing a Form C


The concept behind crowdfunding is that the crowd– close friends, household and also followers of a local business or start-up company, even if they are not wealthy or seasoned capitalists– can now purchase that business’s securities. For a commonly risk-averse area of regulation, that’s a rather innovative principle! In order to make this leap, Congress wanted to make sure that all […]

What is a “SAFE” Agreement

A Group SAFE is an investment agreement between investors and issuers looking to raise capital. Investors in this manner can be identified as individuals looking to make financial investments for the opportunity to earn a return, often in the form of an equity portion in the business or a cash money payout, in the case that […]